Defining US is a powerful network of students and teachers that are leading an inspiring civil rights movement to improve the most important social issues of our times. Our mission is to empower youth and inspire adults to improve the pressing civil rights issues that will define a new generation and the future of our nation.

Join a network of courageous students and teachers as they define themselves and discover how that will define US.

Defining US is a series of social action campaigns to raise awareness about the movement, encourage dialog, share best practices, and provide the proven, social and emotional learning resources that help us understand ourselves and each other.

“Civil rights is about equality and that means seeing every person for his or her humanity and for their fullness as a human being . . . I still believe in human capacity to change and it gives me great hope.”

Dr. Sharon Contreras, Guilford County Schools Superintendent

Join the movement that is changing hearts, opening minds, and providing hope and human dignity for every individual.

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