Connect with Kids Network (CWK) is a media and education company with a focus on improving mental health, increasing social justice, and expanding social and emotional learning for youth and families.

The company uses the power of media and the promise of education to tell powerful stories that inspire social change and measurable impact. CWK brings together media, education, and corporate partners to distribute those stories and to create new solutions to social problems through communication and collaboration. The company produces:

  • Youth-voiced documentaries and first person digital narratives;
  • Corresponding multi-media curricula, professional development, and parenting programs;
  • Private label web-based platforms for clients to deliver those resources;
  • Wrap-around creative services to promote those resources and engage communities.

We tell stories about students that are overcoming extraordinary odds and achieving significant success despite racial, gender, socio-economic and religious inequities. These students are passionate, powerful and committed to changing their world and how the world sees them. Our stories are the catalyst and focal point for classroom curricula, teacher training, parenting programs, local events, and community action tools. This content is distributed through broadcast, cable, and digital media and through private-label school and community websites developed by CWK.

Research shows that behavior change is more likely to occur through an emotional rather than data driven process and that story telling through video enables the kind of emotional connection that is most likely to enable positive shifts in behavior. Stories connect us, inspire us, and create positive change in every human heart. We use stories about the social and emotional issues that change lives to connect communities and improve culture.

Media that Empowers Youth, Changes Hearts and Inspires Minds

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